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Sea-dog Style

Nautical couture

Pyrate Fashion
The Sea
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Ahoy there me shiverin' mateys, heave ho!


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There was Faerie Fashion, but there wasnt Pirate Fashion. Now there is. There need to be a place where we could post pictures of our pirate garb and talk freely about anchor earrings etc and how to make your velvet coat look like you've been wearing it daily for seventeen years! And where do we find the best piratical goods online? Pirate DIY & customization. Everything except auction ads, anyone found posting auction ads will be keelhauled! :D

Photos of you or your inspirations, finds, ideas, ideal hats/boots/ships etc, questions & ontopic babble is greatly encouraged.

tiadalmacostume This loely lass is taking on the task of creating Tia Dalma's dress!

potc_costume POTC Costume community!

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